• Manufacturer: GreenGate3D
  • Color: Mars Red
  • Printability: Easy
  • Enclosure: no


GreenGate3D Mars Red is a PETG made from recycled materials. According to the manufacturer, it prints a little cooler than regular PETG, and this may have led to a little bit of difficulty with our print — we tried to print it hot around 245 like our usual PETGs. Printing aroung 225 might yield less stringing and less glops. Also might need some work on the retraction settings.

The color is nice, in our opinion it is similar to Atomic’s deep cherry red (one of our favorite reds). The models printed alright, though with some stringing as is evident in the photographs.

We printed a total of three models. The first is a yet another filament sample, keycard edition. It printed fine. Next up was an Axolotl by Alsamen. The Axolotl is a neotenous salamander native to Mexico (hey, we liked salamanders when we were kids!). The Axolotl had a lot of stringing… and we mean a lot. Some glops of plastic here and there too. This is where I think we may have had the temperature set too high. The video shows the stringing — the closeup samples below are after a little bit of postprocessing with the xacto knife and the heat gun. We felt it cleaned up pretty well.

The third model was a SirLayersalot at 60% (like we do for every filament review). Here we did wise up and reduce the temperature to 225, and we think it helped out. Less stringing, less glops.

If a recycled plastic is what you’re going for, then this GreenGate3D is a nice red. Just take the time to get it dialed in properly.


GreenGate3D Mars Red, Yet Another Filament Sample, Bottom View
Yet Another Filament Sample, KeyCard Edition, Mars Red
Axolotl, after cleanup
Mars Red, Sir Layersalot, 60%, side view

So what do you think about recycled filament? Let us know in the comment section whether you consider it to be a useful selling feature!

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