Our filament reviews are generally done using a Prusa I3 Mk3 printer, outfitted with an E3D Nozzle X to facilitate printing some of the exotic materials that we tend to print. We’ve been involved in 3D printing since late 2018, which certainly isn’t a long time compared to some, but we feel we’ve amassed a fair amount of experience in a short amount of time.

Our foray into 3D printing was originally in support of other endeavors, particularly electronic projects that needed cases and other material / mechanistic components. There was a time when we used laser cut acrylics for these tasks, but 3D printing has allowed a much greater flexibility of design and production. For practical / functional prints we do a lot of PETG and the occasional Polycarbonate.

We also print the occasional model for fun (who doesn’t own a 3D printer and print things for fun?!?) and here we tend to experiment with PLA filaments. We like the unusual. Yet another average red, blue, or green filament doesn’t excite us. Red with gold glitter sparkles, now that’s exciting. We like experimenting with new materials.

Most of the filaments you see here are currently products that we buy with our own money. That might be whole rolls for something that really piques our curiosity, or it might be samples (we subscribe to Makerbox, for example).

Commenting on our reviews

The website should have comments enabled. So if you’d like to share your own experiences with a filament, feel free to leave a comment on the review page.

If something is broken or incorrect with the website, feel free to use the contact form below (scroll down, it’s at the bottom of the page) to let us know. Ditto if we’ve said something overtly stupid and need to be informed about it.

Submitting samples for review

If you’re a manufacturer and would like us to review your filament, feel free to use the contact form below (scroll down, it’s at the bottom of the page) and we’ll see what we can do. We can’t promise to conduct a review, but we can think about it. We do generally stick to filaments that will print on our Mk3 without an enclosure, and we do stick to filaments that don’t stink (i.e. no ABS).

Our youtube channel

Yes, we have a youtube channel where we put all of our filament video reviews. We decided to fork off a new channel for 3D Printing rather than use one of our existing channel, so we’re just starting to build its subscriber base. Please do subscribe.

Sometimes we design our own models, and you’ll find them on the youtube channel. Occasionally we find someone else’s model that we really like, and it’s so cool that we’ll make a build video. 3D Printing is supposed to be fun, so make fun things and show them off!

Contact form

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