• Manufacturer: Priline
  • Color: Rosewood
  • Printability: Easy
  • Enclosure: no


Priline Rosewood is an easy to print PLA filament containing real wood particles, confirmed by examining cleaning filament post-print under microscope. It has a rich reddish-brown color. The manufacturer recommends using a nozzle larger than 0.4mm to prevent clogs, though we printed it using our 0.4mm E3D Nozzle X (which does have a non-stick coating that may make a difference).

The filament is sandable though in our experience, we felt unsanded appearance looked better. For our sanding test, we used a Mobius Ring model, because that model has a continuous flat surface that is easy to sand. Even so, we felt the coloration of the model after sanding was not as good as the coloration before sanding. We sanded with 150 grit and 240 grit dry and then sanded with 800 grit wet. It’s possible we needed to invest more time in the sanding effort and/or purchase a few more grades of sandpaper (400 grit would have been a nice intermediate grit). It is a subjective determination, so be sure to try sanding yourself to see what you think.

As we usually do for wood filaments, we printed a Baby Groot, at 50% scale. He turned out just fine, with no stringing or other aberrations. Does he look like he’s made of wood? Yes, but in our opinion the completed print doesn’t scream wood at you like a lighter wood often does. As always, it’s often a matter of picking the right color for the model — some models will look better in a lighter wood, and some others might look better in a darker reddish color like this. We think this filament would make a great wooden chess set, for example.

If you’re looking for a wood filament with a lighter appearance, then you might want to check out our review of Hatchbox Wood PLA.


Priline Rosewood PLA, Yet Another Filament Sample Keycard Edition
Priline Rosewood PLA, Baby Groot 50%, Front View
Baby Groot 50%, Side View
Priline Rosewood PLA, SirLayersalot 60%, Sword View
SirLayersalot 60%, Shield View
Priline Rosewood PLA, Mobius Ring, Unsanded
Mobius Ring, Sanded