• Manufacturer: Hatchbox
  • Color: Wood
  • Printability: Easy
  • Enclosure: no


Hatchbox wood PLA is super easy to print. We do feel that it has a light wood-like texture and appearance. It is sandable, though we personally had mixed results sanding the models that we printed. Printed this on a Prusa I3 Mk3 with an E3D 0.4mm nozzle-x. This filament smells faintly of wood while printing.

We like to choose one signature model per review. For our signature model, we printed a Triceratops from the Dinosaurus Collection. Triceratops printed really well, but this was also the model we tried to sand and didn’t have success with. Too many nooks and crannies to get into made sanding difficult to achieve uniformly.

We also printed a Mobius Ring. The mobius ring, due to it consisting of a flat surface, was very easy to sand and we show both the sanded and the unsanded versions in our video review. We sanded using two different grains of sandpaper, first 150 grit and then 240 grit. We feel the sanding did improve the surface text and quality of this model. As such we recommend making the decision on whether or not to sand carefully, by taking the nature of the model you’re trying to print into consideration.

We also printed a Baby Groot, as it is a very popular model for wood materials. We printed this at 50% scale and did not sand it.


Hatchbox Wood PLA, Yet Another Filament Sample Keycard Edition
Hatchbox Wood PLA, Sir Layersalot 60%, Sword Side
Sir Layersalot 60%, Shield Side
Hatchbox Wood PLA, Baby Groot 50%, Front
Baby Groot 50%, Side
Mobius Ring, After Sanding (150grit, 240grit)