FiloAlfa Terracotta, Cthulhu Idol and SirLayersalot


  • Manufacturer: FiloAlfa
  • Color: Terracotta
  • Printability: easy
  • Enclosure: no


FiloAlfa Terracotta PLA has an awesome clay-like appearance that made the figures we tried to print with it turn out very nicely, and avoided that “plastic” look that often happens when you try print a 3D figurine. This particular sample came to us from a Makerbox assortment and left us wishing for more so that we could print some larger figures.

Having had previous experience with TreeD Achitectural Clay, it’s hard to not compare the two as the appearance has similar properties. The advantage of FiloAlfa Terracotta is that it produces a matte clay-like terracotta appearance, but prints as easily as any other PLA. We felt that the TreeD filament had a slight edge on appearance, but had more difficult printability.

We printed Cthulhu Idol, one of our favorite 3D models for testing filaments that beg for stone or clay or wood finishes. The Cthulhu Idol turned out well, as you will be able to see in the detailed pictures below or in the video review.

Printed using the generic PLA settings on a Prusa I3 Mk3 with an E3D 0.4mm Nozzle X.


For the signature model, we chose to print Cthulhu Idol by Kubold.

Cthulhu Idol, FiloAlfa Terracotta, Front View
Cthulhu Idol, FiloAlfa Terracotta, Side View
Cthulhu Idol, FiloAlfa Terracotta, Side View
Sirlayersalot 60%, FiloAlfa Terracotta, Front View
Sirlayersalot 60$, FiloAlfa Terracotta, Side View
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