• Manufacturer: Atomic Filament
  • Color: Candy Apple Golden Pearl
  • Printability: easy
  • Enclosure: no


This Atonic Filament Candy Apple Golden pearl came to us from another MakerBox sample. This filament prints easy, typical of PLA. It has a nice matte appearance, with embedded golden sparkles. This filament seemed to hide the layer lines pretty well.

The spotlight model we chose for this video is a Dimetrodon by Alsamen from the Dinosaurus collection. This was the first of the Alsamen’s Dinosaurus collection that we printed, and we liked the print so much we started using these dinosaur models for many of our other filament reviews. The model itself printed very well, great coloration, a strong print with no hassles, and a deep rich red color. The detail was great, and the filament is just more “interesting” than a plain ordinary red. This could turn out to be our go-to filament for non-shiny red prints.

This is one of those times where we our filament sample left us wanting for more — the dimetrodon took up enough filament that we didn’t have enough to print the Sir Layersalot and we had to downsize him a bit from the size we usually print. The Sir Layersalot came out a little on the tiny side. Next time we do an Atomic Filament order, maybe we’ll throw on a roll of this PLA.

Atomic Filament does have a lot of interesting filament color choices, and they offer a wide variety of both PLA and PETG filaments. This is the first time we’ve tried one of their PLA filaments, but we have bought several Atomic Filament PETG colors, including their Marble PETG, Starry Night Translucent PETG, and Dark Cherry Red PETG. They seem to perpetually run a promotion on 4+ rolls purchased at the same time, so make sure to look for that discount code when purchasing.


Dimetrodon, Atomic Filament Candy Apple Golden Pearl, Front View
Dimetrodon, Side View
Yet Another Filament Sample, Atomic Filament Candy Apple Golden Pearl

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