• Manufacturer: GreenGate3D
  • Color: Translucent Pink with Sparkles
  • Printability: Easy
  • Enclosure: no


GreenGate3D Translucent Pink PETG is a PETG filament made from recycled materials in the USA. It has embedded pink sparkles. The printing temperature is listed by the manufacturer as a little bit lower than what I’m used to for standard PETG, 205C – 245C.

We printed three models: yet another filament sample keycard edition, Toothless by Alsamen, and a SirLayersalot at 60%. The printed these at 250C, 235C, and 225C respectively. All three of the models we had significant issues with stringing and some blobs. Neither of these issues we felt ruined the prints. The strings can easily be burned off and the blobs easily popped off with a fingernail or a knife. It’s possible the stringiness could have been overcome by lowering the temperature and/or by changing some of the extrusion parameters such as retraction. However, we ran out of filament in our sample and didn’t have time to experiment further.

The material is somewhat translucent. For example in “Yet Another Filament Sample Keycard Edition”, you can see trough the thing section of it. On the dragon, you can see the infill through the bottom of the model. There are plenty of sparkles in the filament, and it does have a sparkly appearance, as described by the manufacturer.

We like that the manufacturer used scrap plastics to make this material because that sounds good for the environment. However, we don’t know that the recycled nature would be a selling point for us, unless all else was equal.


GreenGate3D Translucent Pink, Yet Another Filament Sample Keycard Edition
Yet Another Filament Sample, Bottom View
GreenGate3D Translucent Pink PETG, SirLayersalot 60%, Shield Side
SirLayersalot, Shield Side
GreenGate3D Translucent Pink PETG, Toothless by Alsamen, Front View
Toothless, Side View
Toothless, Bottom View

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