• Manufacturer: Priline
  • Color: White
  • Printability: Mildly Challenging
  • Enclosure: Recommended


Priline White Polycarbonate is a strong material that can be challenging to tune, but is relatively trouble-free once you establish a workable profile. An enclosure is likely a good idea and would make for printing larger models more practical. We had success printing without an enclosure with the following settings:

  • First Layer Temperatures: 240 hot end, 85 bed
  • Second Layer Temperatures: 250 hot end, 90 bed
  • Fan speed: 10% min, 35% max
  • Bridge fan speed: 35%
  • Disable fan for first 3 layers

This material will aggressively bond to PEI, and if you’re not careful it can damage both the Prusa PEI sticker sheet and the Prusa powercoated PEI sheet. Make sure to let the sheet cool completely before removing a print. We had our best luck using the sticker sheet with Windex as a release agent.

We printed several functional items around our office in this filament. For example, we printed fixtures that we use in our Panapress for pressing bearings and IDC connectors. We printed a sample tray to hold our filament samples. We printed a functional nutcracker that can take some pretty serious abuse without breaking. There’s many more things we’ve printed, as we’ve used up our first roll already and are starting on our second, but we just can’t remember all of the prints.

Our SirLayeralot print turned out very well, for what we thought was going to be a challenging print due to the overhang and the details.

A related material is Priline’s Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate, which has tiny strands of carbon fiber in it. It’s like this, but it’s black instead of white, and the appearance is more matte due to the fibers. We will be writing up a review on it soon.


Priline White Polycarbonate, Yet Another Filament Sample Keycard Edition
Priline White Polycarbonate, Sir Layersalot 60%, Sword Side
Priline White Polycarbonate, Nutcracker
Priline White Polycarbonate, Nutcracker, Top View